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We know how difficult it can be to find just the right words, so we've come up with some fun and creative card messages to help you create the perfect card to go with your Bear-Gram gift.

Copying a Message
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Include your Signature
Please include a signature at the end of the Card Message field if you want the recipient to know who sent their gift! Your name will NOT appear on the card unless you type it.


Happy Birthday
  • Happy Bear-thday!
  • Have a Bear-y special birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, dear (recipient's name), Here's a Bear hug for you!
  • This fun and huggable Teddy Bear,
    Has traveled a really long way,
    To give you a great big bear hug,
    And wish you a Happy Birthday.
  • Pick up this cuddly Teddy Bear,
    Hold him close for a second or two,
    And feel the big birthday hug,
    That I am sending to you.
  • Blow out your candles quickly,
    And open those gifts for Pete's sake,
    This Bear's been traveling for quite a while,
    And really needs a piece of cake!
Get Well Soon
  • We can't Bear to be without you...Get Well Soon!
  • Grin and Bear It!
  • Being sick can be a Bear...Hope you're better soon!
  • I'm sorry that you're not feeling well. I know it's no fun being sick. So I'm sending this Bear to give you a hug. I sure hope you're all better quick!
  • This Bear's being sent with hugs, And lots of love, just for you. But most importantly he's here to say, I'm sorry you have a boo boo.
  • I'm sorry to hear you're under the weather, But this Bear will help fix you up good. He even comes with a candy treat, To give you a break from hospital food!
  • An apple a day, Keeps the doctor away, But a hug from a Bear, Is the best kind of care. Feel Better Soon!
New Baby
  • To Mama and Papa Bear...Congratulations!
  • Here's a big Bear Hug for (type baby's name here!)
  • Every new baby needs a Vermont Teddy Bear to start off life just right. Congratulations!
  • Get in bed, snuggle down, and get cozy, Fluff your pillow and turn off the light, Cuz a real Vermont Teddy Bear in your new baby's crib, Guarantees he'll/she'll sleep through the night. Congratulations!
  • This Bear's been sent to welcome, Your new little bundle of joy. With warm wishes and love he's here to say, Congratulations on your baby boy!
  • This Bear's been sent to welcome, The precious addition to your world. With warm wishes and love he's here to say, Congratulations on your baby girl!
I Miss You
  • I can Bear-ly wait to see you!
  • I can't Bear to be without you.
  • It's un-Bear-able being without you.
  • Hug this Bear until we can be together.
  • I sent this Bear to kiss you because I really, really miss you!
  • Although there are miles between us, And I hate it when we are apart, I hope this Bear reminds you, That I love you with all of my heart.
  • Spending a day without you, Just simply doesn't seem fair. But I sent this bear to hug you, Since I cannot be there. I miss you!
  • I miss you lots, So I wanted to send, This Teddy to say, I'm so glad you're my friend.
I'm Sorry (in the doghouse)
  • Bear with me.
  • I've been a Bear...Please forgive me!
  • Can you Fur-give me?
  • I wanted to tell you I'm sorry, So I'm sending this cuddly Bear, To help get me out of the doghouse, And show you how much I care.
  • I hope this Bear makes you happy; And to your lips he brings a smirk,; Because he's being sent to tell you; I'm sorry I was such a jerk. Please forgive me.
  • I couldn't Bear to live without you. Happy Anniversary.
  • I'll love you FUR-ever! Happy Anniversary.
  • You're my soul mate. You're my partner in life. You are my very best friend. So I'm sending this Bear, To make sure you know, I'd marry you all over again.
  • Happy Anniversary to the one I love. I'm so glad you're by my side. The best decision I ever made in life. Was asking you to be my bride.
  • Happy Anniversary to the one I love. You're my soul mate and my best friend. I promise to love you for the rest of my life, Cuz as a husband you rate a 10.
  • I can Bear-ly wait until our new Bear cub joins our family.
  • Of all the families in the world, your future Bear cub will be so happy he or she was born into yours. Congratulations!
  • You're kind and caring and oh so sweet, And you've got a heart bigger than any other, So this is one thing I know to be true, You're going to make a wonderful mother.
  • With her flowery dress and hair bow. And pregnant belly that you can see, This Bear is sent to tell you, You make a beautiful Mom-to-be.
  • He or she may not be here yet, But I wanted to send you this Bear, To say I love you so very much, Can't wait 'til our Bear cub gets here!
  • Here's a new friend to pal around with during all your well-deserved free time. Happy Retirement!
  • When I heard that you were retiring, I knew just the right gift to send. A someone special to help you celebrate. It's time to party, my friend! Congratulations!
  • I hope a big Bear hug can bring you some comfort during this sad time.
  • Whenever you need a warm hug, A listening ear or a smooch or two, Just wrap your arms around this Bear, And know that I'm thinking of you.
Thank You
  • I'll be FUR-ever thankful for your kindness.
  • Words can Bear-ly express how thankful I am.
  • I thought this Bear was the PAW-fect way to thank you!
  • For all you've done, And all you do, This Bear's here to say, A big "Thank you!"
  • From the tips of his Bear paws, To the center of his fuzzy chest, This bear is full of THANKS for you, Because you are simply the best!
  • I really appreciated what you did, So I'm sending this Bear to you, To tell you something three times over, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  • I'll love you FUR-ever! Happy Wedding Day to my bride/groom.
  • The two of you make the cutest couple. Happy Wedding Day.
  • You're PAW-fect together and I/we wish you a Bear-y happy life.
  • This Bear has a special message, From the groom to his beautiful bride. "I cannot wait to marry you, and spend forever by your side."
  • This Bear has a special message, For the handsome groom from his bride. "I cannot wait to marry you, and spend forever by your side."
  • May you enjoy a life filled with love, Lots of kisses and big bear hugs. And here's hoping that you'll soon be welcoming, Lots of cute Bear cubs!" Happy Wedding Day!
Short and Sweet Card Messages
  • Life without you would be un-Bearable.
  • I sent this Bear to hug you, since I cannot be there.
  • Here is a big Bear hug, in return for all those hugs you have given me, Mom.
  • Thanks for Bearing me.
  • Thanks for Bearing with me all these years.
  • Your loving son (or daughter) FUR-ever
  • I love you Beary much.
  • To Mama Bear from your Baby Bear
  • I am so glad I got you, when I ordered womb service.


You MUST type your name after these signatures; it is not automatically included on your card.
  • With Teddy Love, (name)
  • Fur-ever yours, (name)
  • I Love You Beary Much, (name)
  • From your Honey Bear, (name)
  • Your hunka-hunka Bear of Love, (name)

  1. highlight the message with your mouse

  2. type Control-C to copy the message
      (Macs, Command-C)

  3. move to order form, click in the Card Message field

  4. type Control-V to paste the message
      (Macs, Command-V)

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