Meet Our Stitchers


Our Bear craftspeople are as unique and extraordinary as our Bears. They come from all over the globe, from Nepal to former Yugoslavia to Colchester, Vermont. They are some of the most skilled stitchers and sewers around, and without them we would not be able to create our unique Bears.


"I can remember when we made the Bears at home," says Pam, an assembler and hand stitcher who has been a part of the company for over twenty years. “I stuffed and stitched Bears right in my living room.”

Cvijeta made a beloved hobby her full-time job. "I have always loved to sew," she says, "but I was trained as an accountant, so I wasn’t able to do much. When I came to America, I saw the opening for a seamstress here at Teddy Bear. In three weeks’ time, I was sewing Teddy Bears. Today, I make all the Custom Bears, including their clothes and outfits. It is much more fun than accounting."