15" One-Of-A-Kind-Sweetheart Bear
15" One-Of-A-Kind-Sweetheart Bear

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We made only one, and she is as unique and irreplaceable as is the love of your life. Our Bear Designer selected the perfect shade of lilac for her eyes, cream faux mink fur for her body, and real suede paw pads to make this original and unique Bear. She is dressed in an Elizabethan-inspired, Baroque-pink brocade grown accented in silk and Venetian lace. Her head is adorned with an organza fascinator edged in real pink pearls. The final touch is a personalized love note from you that will be placed in the back pocket of the pink Valentine she carries. Our Head Seamstress hand-stitched every detail

Additional Information

  • This Bear can not be exchanged or returned.
  • Ages 14+