Bear Admission Status

We Care About Your Bear

We know it's not easy to see a friend who's been injured or damaged. After you send your Vermont Teddy Bear or animal friend to the Bear Hospital, we do our very best to keep you informed of how they're doing.

Waiting is tough—we get it—but please remember Dr. Nancy and the Bear Hospital are very busy, so please be patient if your friend isn't as far along as you hoped. Every Bear and animal is special to us, so you can be sure they're in the very best care we can provide.

By using the form below, you can check on the status of your special friend to see where they are in their recovery. If you do not see your Bear on the list -- don’t worry! We have a very busy hospital and not all FUReinds can make this list. You can also call our Bear Ambassadors for more information about your special friend's status. Just call 1-800-988-8277, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 9:00 pm EST. Because our hospital staff needs rest too, we’re closed on Saturday and Sunday.