Big Bears Give the Best Hugs

Big Bears Give the Best Hugs

When you give a giant Bear to a friend, family member or that special someone, you're sending a clear message: They have a BIG piece of your heart!

Our big Teddy Bears, large Teddy Bears and huge Teddy Bears are all gigantic gestures of love to the most important people in your life. Whether they're parents, kids, siblings, spouses or BFFs, people ages 1 to 100 are always thrilled when they get their own big stuffed Bear.

Purchasing a giant stuffed Bear can be a BIG decision. If you're wondering when and why extra-large stuffed Teddy Bears would make the perfect gift for a loved one, it's a good thing you visited!

A girl playing with a Vermont Teddy Bear Big Hunka Love Bear A girl playing with a Vermont Teddy Bear Big Hunka Love Bear

Top 5 Reasons to Give a Big Bear

  1. 1. Huge Christmas Hugs

    Faces are sure to light up on Christmas morning when they unwrap a life size Teddy Bear! Giant Teddy Bears are wonderful to have around on the holidays, always ready to relax, snuggle and help unwrap presents. With long arms, weighted paws and a soft, squeezable body, it's well known that big Bears give the best hugs.

    Suggested Gift: Not our biggest Teddy Bear and not our smallest big Bear, the 4-Foot Hunka Love Bear makes an adorable Christmas gift that's juuuust right!

  2. 2. Tons of Fun Photos

    Memories never fade when a big plush Bear is in the picture. Holiday cards, photo albums and social media posts with jumbo stuffed Teddy Bears are impossibly cute. Also, taking periodic photos of kids with their giant Teddy Bear stuffed animal is a fun way to track their growth—and that of the entire family, too!

    Suggested Gift: A big big Teddy Bear might take up too much space in the frame, so the photogenic 3-Foot World's Softest Bear is the best choice for taking perfect pics.

  3. 3. Larger-than-Life Snuggles

    Whether reading a book, watching a movie or lounging away, people soon discover that jumbo Teddy Bears make the very best cuddling companions. A big Bear stuffed with love has a soft, squeezy body that feels like a favorite pillow, perfect for college freshmen looking to fend off homesickness.

    Suggested Gift: Our 3-Foot Lovey Buddy Bear is super-soft and shaped like a body pillow, making it the best present for loved ones who love to spoon.

  4. 4. To Say "I Love You" MORE!

    Whether it's an anniversary, Valentine's Day or birthday, life size Teddy Bears say those three little words in a fun, unique way! Show the spouse you know how to keep the romance exciting and fresh. And with a large stuffed Bear, your one-and-only will have someone to hug when you're not around.

    Suggested Gift: Show how much you truly care with the 4-Foot "I Heart You" Hunka Love Bear, our medium-size big Bear with a hopelessly romantic heart.

  5. 5. Super-Size Surprises

    A 6 foot Teddy Bear is the surprise gift everyone will talk about for years to come! Our super huge Teddy Bear makes a colossal conversation piece, and its gargantuan hugs always keep cuddle buddies comfy and warm. Adorable, inviting and oh-so soft, a super big Teddy Bear inevitably becomes another member of the family.

    Suggested Gift: Our 6-Foot Hunka Love Bear is the giant oversized Teddy Bear that lasts a lifetime, made for the big Bear lover who just can't get enough.