The Vermont Cub Project

Teddy Bears are more than fur & stuffing. They help dry tears, give you courage and make the best tea party guests. Everyday we see Bears come to life in the arms of children, and we knew we need to share this love with our fellow Vermonters. This is why we created The Vermont Cub Project.

With our Vermont Cub Project, every Vermonter four years of age can come to our Bear Shop in Shelburne and make a FREE best friend (up to $39.99). Sometimes it can be tough out there - making new friends, starting school and riding the bus - so we want to give children a friend with whom they can explore this big, wide world. Come be a part of this great new program today!

Join The Project

How do we get our new best friend? It's easy!

1. Click the "Join The Project" Button and register for your Teddy Bear
2. Visit our Bear Shop with your four year-old - address: 6655 Shelburne Rd., Shelburne, VT
3. Bring your coupon code (provided after registration)
4. Present your Vermont ID (must have your address on it)
5. Bring your great imagination! We want this to be a fun experience for your entire family, so we do require your child be present to make their new best friend.

Please Note: Only one coupon code may be used per child. You must purchase your Vermont Cub Project Teddy Bear in our Bear Shop to be eligible for this FREE offer. Offer applies to Bears made in the Make A Friend For Life area of the Bear Shop only. We cannot ship this free gift to foreign countries or to a 3rd party address. This offer not valid on previous orders. This offer is exclusive to the Vermont Teddy Bear Company and Bear Shop, 6655 Shelburne Rd., Shelburne, VT.

The Vermont Cub Project

We know sometimes it can be tough out there- making new friends, starting school and riding the bus so we wanted to give children a friend to explore this new world with. Now, through our Vermont Cub Project, we are making meeting a new best friend a little easier-we are gifting every Vermonter four years of age a Teddy Bear (up to $39.99).
Simply fill out the form below to register and visit our Bear Shop in Shelburne, VT to make your child's new friend. 
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