Vermont Cub Project
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for this program?

  • Children that are currently 4 years of age and live in the state of Vermont.

Why Vermonters?

  • While we would love to expand this program to kids from all over, we also wanted to make sure we can fulfil our promise so we decided to focus on Vermont as a way to say thank you for being an amazing place to live and work.

Why children four years of age?

  • We decided to focus on children the age of four for a few reasons. We wanted to make sure the child would be old enough to enjoy and remember the experience of making a Bear and we wanted to give it to them in a time where maybe a lot of changes are starting to happen to their everyday life. Perhaps they do not see their parents as much, or their sibling is starting school or they are heading to daycare —we thought this would be a great time to set them up with a forever friend that they could start caring for, learning to share with and to give them Bear hugs when they are scared.

But what if my child is younger than four?

  • This is an ongoing program so if you child is only 1, don’t worry! Once they turn four, plan your trip to come visit us and they will get their Cub Project Bear. You can either sign up now or wait until a little closer to their Birthday, you will be able to find the sign up page anytime on our site either on the home page or by searching for it in our search bar.

What Bear can my child get through the Cub Project?

  • Your child can select any Bear from our Make-A-Friend For Life Collection up to $39.99. You are also able to make a 15” Classic Vermont Teddy Bear but you will have to pay the difference.

Why focus on Bears we make?

  • Not only do we want the child to leave with a life-long friend, we want them to leave with a life-long memory. Making a Bear is a special experience, the child gets to put a heart in the Bear and make a secret wish that only their Bear knows, and then they get to select if they want their Bear stuffed with friendship, magic, giggles or love. Finally they name their Bear and welcome it to the family with a big Bear hug.

What if I have twins, triples or more?

  • Not a problem! Just register the same as everyone else and we will honor it for both, all three, all four etc. when you visit. We also have a Bear pile you may want to take a nap on-you earned it!
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