Enjoy our MAKE A FRIEND FOR LIFE® services at the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory

Since 1996, visitors of all ages have enjoyed creating their own Teddy Bear friends at our Factory Store and Bear Shop in Shelburne, Vermont. Make a 13" Bear for $19.99 plus tax. Follow this tour to see how it's done.

Step 1: Find Your Furry Friend

Find the furry friend that is just right for you! There are hundreds of Bears to choose from, but you'll know when you've found the perfect one!

Step 2: Stuff Your Bear

Go to the stuffing machine and select the stuffing of your choice that best suits your Bear. There is a hole on the back of your Bear that will allow you to add that special something to make them huggable, squeezable, snuggable and please-able!

Step 3: Be Sure Your Bear has a Heart

Next, place a little red felt heart inside Teddy to make him or her perfectly lovable!

Step 4: Sew Your Bear

Hug your new friend to make sure that it is up to fluff and feels just right! At the sewing table, watch as a member of our Bear Crew sews up your Teddy.

Step 5: Fill Out the Birth Certificate

It's now time to give your new friend a name! Once you have decided on a name, our Bear Crew will help you fill out the Birth Certificate.

Step 6: Brush & Fluff Your Bear

After all that fuss your new friend is sure to need a good brushing. Our Bears love an all-over body brush. Make sure to get those hard to reach places like under the arms (ugh!), but especially behind the ears!

Now your new friend is ready to follow you home in their specially-designed travel case. (Don't worry, it has an air hole so Teddy can breathe!)