An image of a woman holding a teddy bear

From Our Hands to Yours

Our Bears aren’t churned out from a big, loud machine, untouched by human hands. In fact, the Vermont Teddy Bear process is the exact opposite. Starting with our Bear Designer, right to packaging and shipping, your Bear is handled with the utmost care.

An image of hands working on a teddy bear part

Here’s how our Bears come to life:

Initial Design

  • Our Bear Designer, Cassie, creates an illustration of the new Bear from her vivid imagination.
  • It all starts with a concept, a thought or a memory—from there our Bear Designer, Cassie, creates a sketch. Each sketch is meticulously detailed from fur of the Bear and eye color to print on a dress and trim on a pocket.
  • Once the Bear’s design is complete, the Bear moves to our skilled stitchers for production.


  • Your 15" Classic Bear is made from 20 different pieces.
  • After being cut, one of our expert stitchers sews together the 20 pieces with 1,267 stitches.
  • Each Bear is stuffed with love and 100% recycled stuffing.
  • The final 14 stitches in the spine of the Bear are stitched by hand.
  • Once they are completed, they are sent over to the packing floor where they are brushed and dressed with outfit you have selected.
  • Lastly, they are packed into our signature Vermont Teddy Bear box with a piece of gourmet candy and a card to begin their journey home.

Our Limited Edition Bears feature exclusive designs that are meticulously crafted to show the love and dedication that goes into bringing each to life.

Our Bears are designed with love, made with love and sent with love. We can’t think of a better way to let someone know you love them. Want more details on how our Bears are sourced, cut, sewn, stuffed, and stitched? Check out Where it’s Made or just Come Visit Us for a tour of our Factory in Shelburne, Vermont.