Joe and Kamala Set

3.3 out of 5 Customer Rating

Joe and Kamala Set

3.3 out of 5 Customer Rating
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  • We can't Bear to be without you. Get Well Soon!
  • For all you've done, and all you do, this Bear's here to say, a big "Thank you!"
  • Happy Bear-thday!
  • Roses are red. Violets are blue. You're so special to me, I have two surprises for you.
  • To Mama and Papa Bear - Congratulations!
  • Only the biggest Bear can show you how much I love you!
  • Sending you lots of hugs. Get Well Soon.
  • Only the biggest Bear can show you how much I love you!
  • I love you BEAR-y much!

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Product Details

Joe and Kamala Set

This duo is breaking BEARriers and ready to get to work. Designed to honor the 46th president of the United States, Biden Bear has super soft grey fur, a suit, white shirt, blue tie, Biden/Harris campaign button, and aviator sunglasses. Kamala Bear arrives ready to lead wearing a signature power suite in patriotic blue, wears white (faux) pearls, and a Biden/Harris campaign button and carries an American flag. Both Bears are handmade with love in Vermont, USA using the softest and silkiest fur we could get our paws on, smooth faux-suede details, and 100% recycled stuffing. Guaranteed for life.
"Love It" Guarantee

We know how important your Vermont Teddy Bear gift is, and we stand behind it 100%. We want you and the person receiving your gift to be completely satisfied.


  • Bears' full heights are 15"
  • These Bears are safe for all ages. However, these special edition outfits may not be. Please remove any outfit or accessories before giving these Bears to a child younger than 14 years of age.
  • Item Number: VTB-KT00598
An image of the 15-inch Joe Biden & Kamala Harris bears

Honoring Our History, Our President & Our Vice President

In 1902 the Teddy Bear was invented and named after the 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt and yet almost 80 years later, our founder started Vermont Teddy Bear because he could not find a Teddy Bear made in the U.S.A. for his son. We are proud to honor not only our history of making Bears in America but also our country with this tradition of designing Bears after each president and vice president.

Breaking BEARiers

When this duo steps into their new roles in January 2021, they will be breaking a lot of barriers! Harris will be the first Black woman and Asian American vice president and Biden will be the oldest president to ever serve our country.

An image the 15-inch Joe Biden & Kamala Harris bears
An image of the Biden Harris campaign logo

“A Presidency for All Americans”

- The Joe Biden Presidential Campaign

Stronger Together

Teamwork makes everything better! Joe and Kamala are ready to take over the White House and your house on January 20th. Bring them both home to capture this moment in history and to teach the next generation about our political process.

An image of the 15-inch Joe Biden & Kamala Harris bears

Love Is In The Bear

Nearly 40 years ago we started hand-making Teddy Bears in Shelburne, Vermont. Today, we continue producing adorable Bears and Stuffed Animals that are created to last a lifetime. Thank you for inviting us into your hearts and homes, we love being a part of your family!

An image of a child cuddling a Vermont Teddy Bear

Guaranteed For Life

Vermont Teddy Bears and animals are designed to be well loved for generations, which is why they are made with durable materials and fur that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. If something more severe happens, our animals all come with a promise of repair or replacement and can be sent to our Bear Doctor for repair, making it truly yours for life. See care instructions on hangtag for more details.

An image of a worker sewing a Vermont Teddy Bear

Handmade in Vermont

Our Classic Bears and Animals set the gold-standard for all Vermont Teddy Bear products. Each one is meticulously crafted by hand including fur cutting, sewing, eye and joint placement, paw pad personalization and precise back-stitching. They are filled with 100% recycled stuffing sourced in the U.S.A. Most Bear outfits and accessories are 100% manufactured overseas by one of our qualified partners in China that meet Vermont Teddy Bear's premium quality and exceeds U.S. child safety standards.

An image of the Vermont Teddy Bear factory in Shelburne, Vermont

About Us

Our Story Started in 1981 when our founder opened a cart on Church Street in Burlington, Vermont and began selling Teddy Bears that he made in his garage. Over thirty-five years later, our Bears continue to be best friends, members of the family and beloved heirlooms. They are made with care from soft, premium materials and designed to give hugs that last a lifetime. Each handcrafted Bear is stuffed with love in Vermont.