There's a story that goes with every opened Bear box, and we want to hear all about yours. Are you charting your baby's first year of growth? Did you ask someone to marry you? Maybe you sent your Bear "just because." No matter the occasion, we want to hear all about it! Share your story and pictures with us on social media with #LoveIsInTheBear

A Most Welcome Gift

Someone I care about a great deal was going through a difficult time—she needed her spirits lifted. I ordered her a Vermont Teddy Bear, she lit up with joy when she got her Bear. It was a special order just for her, and the little extra effort went a long way. Thank you for helping to brighten my friend's day!
-Linda, Facebook

Last Gift For Mom

Last year in late fall my Mom was diagnosed with cancer. Right after Christmas, because I could tell Mom was down, we sent her an unexpected gift: DAPPER BOY. He is a honey-colored Bear with a crimson bow tie. When he arrived my Mom fell in love. Mom became seriously ill not even a week later and was rushed to the hospital. We stopped at her house on the way to the hospital to pick up some of her stuff and Dapper was sitting on her favorite chair looking very lonely himself so we took him with us for her. Mom never woke up after her surgery, but Dapper Boy was by her side or in her arms for the 10 days before she passed. My daughter, husband and I all take turns getting hugs when we miss Mom. We remember the good times and he bravely takes on our tears when we are sad. I would like to thank you all again for a wonderful friend you made for my Mom, and the memories you made for us.
-Sorianne, Facebook

Devon & Kevin

Several years ago, my sister decided to send me one of your Big Hunka Love® Bears. I have several 15" Vermont Teddy Bears, but this was my first Big Bear. I loved the Bear as soon as I received him, but honestly couldn't think of what to do with him. So, I named him Devon and put him on the loveseat in my living room, where he stayed comfortably. Within a month's time, Devon became my son Joseph's best friend. On the surface, this may not seem remarkable: lots of kids have bears as best friends. What you need to understand is that my son is autistic, and at 17 years old, is non-verbal and does not like a lot of things. My son sat on Devon so much that our Bear developed a hole. I called Vermont Teddy Bear to discuss getting Devon repaired. Instead, you guys sent us a full replacement. We named the new replacement Kevin, and when we pulled Kevin out of his box, my son said the word “bear.” I was absolutely stunned: my non-verbal son spoke a word with a purpose. This amazing moment is forever etched into my brain. Today, Kevin still sits on the loveseat and is still my son's best friend. Thank you, Vermont Teddy Bear. You have given my son a best friend, and me an incredible experience I will never forget.
-Cynthia, Facebook

An Unforgettable Moment
from our Bear Designer

During the holiday season, it's all paws on deck at Vermont Teddy Bear. This means that every single person in our company – even our CEO – helps wherever needed, from taking orders to packing delivery trucks. Last season, our Bear Designer Cassie helped with incoming phone orders, and she shared a special story with us:

"A father wanted to order a Bear that looked just like him for his family. He was an active military member with a young family, and was only a few days away from being deployed overseas. He wanted the Bear to be there for his family any time they missed him to serve as a reminder of how much he loved them and that he would be home before they knew it. We began to work on his Bear, making sure every detail – his eyes, fur, clothes, everything – looked and felt like this dad. With each perfected detail, this Bear became more than a Bear: it became a symbol of love for this dad and his family during such a critical time in their lives. By the end of the phone call, we were both moved to tears. It is a moment I will never forget."