Meet Dr. Pam, Bear Doctor

Dr. Pam isn’t the usual doctor. She is in charge of our Bear Hospital. As part of our commitment to our customers, and our Bears, every Bear is guaranteed for life and can be sent into the Bear hospital anytime, for any reason.

"I’d say our top three injuries are due to dog bites, wear-and-tear and something I like to refer to as sibling rivalry," she says with a knowing smile. The great news is that no matter the injury, Dr. Pam will get it fixed. In worst-case scenarios, customers will receive a new Bear.

When Dr. Pam receives a Bear, it is triaged. Important information, such as the patient’s name, age, and fur color are requested on the admitting form, as well as any known allergies (one Bear had a peanut allergy), living will and permission to perform surgery, if needed. Hospital stays generally take 3-4 weeks.

"99% of the time, the patient makes a full recovery," says Dr. Pam. "Sometimes the injuries are just too extreme...we will always replace your friend if he cannot be repaired."

If you have a Bear in need of urgent care, go to, print out the admitting form, and send your Bear to Dr. Pam c/o the Bear hospital. If you have questions concerning the care of your Bear, please contact us via chat, or email us at